- 8 pcs: snare drum, kick, 3 toms, ride, crash and hi-hat
- 10” mesh heads on snare drum and rack toms
- Kick with reverse bass drum beater included
- “Smart Pad” patented triggering system: signals are processed directly inside the pad
- "Hot Spot Removal" patented technology on toms and snare, for a perfect sound balance
- Triple-flanged hoops on batter sides
- Triple-triggering system on ride cymbal (with choking); outstanding resolution of 255 different layers of sensitivity on the hi-hat  
- “YES” Sound Module: Bus Drum Interface, with single RJ11 plug
- 24 professional Drum Kits + DSP effects
- 8 standard inputs + 4 additional inputs
- Midi In/ Midi Out
- USB, headphones and AUX connection
- “Create Kit” Menu to tweak and customize your own shell kits
- “Create FX” Menu to edit and combine the onboard FX
- Loop Section
- Onboard Metronome
- Tap Tempo
- SD Card 4 GB
- Foldable, aluminium rack housing the connection system
- Hi-Hat cymbal with “Top on sensor” technology to achieve a realistic feel
- Total weight: 16 kg
- Bass drum pedal and Hi-Hat stand NOT included

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Quick Reference Guide and Owner's Manual > DOWNLOAD
YES is the first “acoustic hearted” professional electronic drum kit, 100% Made in Italy.

The UK's Drummer magazine has reviewed the YES kit in its September 2012 issue.

Italy's Ritmi Accordo has reviewed the Mark Drum YES kit, and have praised it for its innovation, versatility and portability.

The YES kit has been reviewed by France's Batteur magazine!

Italy's Strumenti Musicali magazine reviewed the YES kit in their October issue, which also features an interview with Mark Drum artist Danny Gottlieb.

The leading online e-drum magazine says "it’s hard to say no to YES"!