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June 16, 2014
Brazilian drummer and Mark Drum artist Kiko Freitas has developed, together with Actual enterprise, an APP with the first series of Brazilian drum lessons for tablets and smartphones.
The Brazilian drummer Kiko Freitas has developed, together with Actual enterprise (that acts on the area of developing apps and many other informational-related services), an app for tablets and smartphones with the first series of Brazilian drum lessons made using this type of media.
The first version "Kiko Freitas - #1 Three basic strokes", that comes with a 45 minute length lesson, explains basic movements of hand techniques and brings the following topics: introduction to stroke types; tap; up stroke; accent without rebound; accent without  rebound + up stroke; accent without rebound + tap + up stroke; simple strokes, paradiddle, paradiddle-diddle and flam accent.
The app, already available at App Store, also comes with a snare drum solo in which Kiko shows all of his technique, creativity and musicality.
Each item has written examples as well.

Next, Kiko comments about how this opportunity came up:
“The idea of doing my App came from Pedro Lima, from Actual, after we met up in some shows I played in Porto Alegre. I thought that the project was very interesting because it is a new type of language that can bring high quality information to many people in a quick way, direct and easy to access, besides the fact that the app is made in partnership with a firm of great competence and responsibility such as Actual. I thought immediately in a beginning lesson that could make clear all the types of stroke and show their application on dynamic controls, on grooves organization and on a more fluid expression of the hands. I think that the apps are a revolutionary way of learning, in which the student can pick the topic he wants in an objective and simple way, and also choose the teacher that he wants to study with. On class, the student can choose the subject that he wants to work, hear the concept of the exercise and go along with the video and the written example. This first app is directed to snare drum studying and it intends to cover an area that, in my opinion, Brasil is lacking a bit: the way of execution and basic movement of the hands, not depending on the type of exercise or groove to be played. In times of mass information, it’s important to have the “how to do” thing and not the “what to do” thing.”
Vlad Rocha/Modern Drummer (Brazil)
Youtube Video – Kiko Freitas App
iTunes download link – Kiko Freitas App

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