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June 27, 2013
John Macaluso now endorsing Mark Drum!
Prog Metal drummer John Macaluso has joined the Mark Drum artist family. 

John Macaluso is a touring and studio drummer that has recorded over 250 albums to date and has played for some of the world's bands and players. Some of these include Yngwie Malmsteen, Symphony X, ARK, James LaBrie, TNT, Pete Steele, KRS-ONE, Riot, Joe Lynn Turner, George Lynch, Starnreaker, Vitalij Kuprij, Alex Masi and many, many more. 
John  is back from his European and South American tour with Prog Metal band Symphony X. He will now be hitting the road in August, drumming for Bumblefoot of Guns and Roses and Guitar legend Uli Jon Roth. John will be playing for both artists in the same show.

Here are some tour dates in Italia:

SAT AUG 3, 2013
Baloma Bikers
Cercemaggiore, Italy
w/ Uli Jon Roth & Jennifer Batten

SUN AUG 4, 2013
The Jungle
Cascina, Italy
w/ Uli Jon Roth & Jennifer Batten

MON AUG 5, 2013
Guitar Night
San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
w/ Uli Jon Roth

WED AUG 7, 2013
Blues sotto le stelle
L' Aquila, Italy
w/ Uli Jon Roth

"Mark Drum has the most dynamic range of any electronic drums I have ever played, all my ghost note are heard.", says John, "Finally an electronic kit with realistic drum sounds!"  
Mark Drum is happy and proud to welcome John to the family!  


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