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November 04, 2012
digitalDrummer reviews the YES kit

The leading online electronic drum magazine, digitalDrummer, has reviewed the Mark Drum YES kit, featuring it on the cover of their November 2012 issue! Here are the highlights:

“The Mark Drum YES kit is a compact kit with lots of plusses. The wiring system and smart pads get a big “yes”, as does the use of samples for some realistic playing experiences."

“ the sub 2,000-bucks price tag, it’s a lot of kit for a modest price."

“I found the YES kit very playable and very responsive."

“...for the drummer looking for real sounds, an authentic playing feel and a plug-and play experience from a kit that won’t break the bank nor take up the whole practice room, it’s hard to say no to YES."

“The focus is on minimising weight, and the horizontals and verticals are made of aluminium. Also weight-conscious, the mounting hardware, although plastic, seems robust."

The module is a triumph of minimalism: a compact black box with a single input for the trigger signals, a couple of MIDI jacks and a USB connection at the back, and an SD card on the front." 

“The three-ply heads felt great, especially when they were cranked up tight. And rim response was excellent—in fact, there was too much initially!"

“The cymbal pads have a 12” strike area, with a smaller mount area at the rear. They’re rubber-covered with good, even response and an easy bell action on the ride. The choke, achieved by pinching the rubber edge, was easy to use and effective..."

"The hi-hat is responsive, with a wide range of sounds between open and closed and a good chick action."

"I was impressed with a couple of kits which had nice crisp snares, full-bodied toms and ballsy basses. There seemed to be a good stock of layers, with a range of sounds at different velocities (Mark Drum claims 512 levels of velocity and 16 alternate samples per hit) and no machine-gunning when you’ve got the drums calibrated... The cymbal sounds are also good..."

"The module does have an easy-to-use record/playback/loop functionality (something lacking in its sample-based competitor) and an onboard metronome."

"Smart wiring system that eliminates the sea of spaghetti
Small footprint and 16 Kg weight
Real samples—and rich, multi-layered ones at that!
Accessible memory card
Promise of more free sounds—and soon”

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