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October 17, 2012
Strumenti Musicali magazine reviews the Mark Drum YES.
The YES kit appears on the cover of Strumenti Musicali's October issue!
Here are some of the YES review's highlights, translated from Italian.


The first preset kit, called Natural, is an acoustic set with very natural and dynamic sounds, and minimal compression.
The quality of the sounds is clear, unusually deep and realistic.
The dynamic response is exceptional; the very high number of samples is obviously important for conveying the sounds any small details of the drummer's playing.

The Player Immersion feature represents a significant step forward in the electronic drum field--it's something that will be mandatory on e-kits from now on, and I doubt that any drummer would feel they can do without it once they've tried it.

A large portion of the presets is dedicated to acoustic kits, always with very high quality... obviously  there are also electronic presets with sounds for House, Hip Hop, Jungle and so on.

We had the opportunity to test drive the new acoustic kits, made in collaboration with Danny Gottlieb, and we were especially impressed by the sound quality of the cymbals: we have never heard "electronic" rides with so much expressiveness."

The Mark Drum YES is an instrument without "special effects" just for flash, but it seriously focuses on the substance of things---a substance of very high quality: every kit and every effect have a purpose and easily find an immediate use in the real world. It also includes innovative elements in the hardware and software; it's easy to transport (the whole set fits in two bags), very easy to set up and connect, and is great value for the money. So, we strongly suggest that you try it."

Download the review (in Italian)

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