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October 11, 2012
YES reviewed in Batteur Magazine from France

The YES kit has been reviewed by France's Batteur magazine! Here are some of the highlights, translated from French:

"The first thing about this kit is the assembly, which is easy and fast. The first time, it takes between 15 and 20 minutes (and only 10 minutes once you know how to do it) to assemble the rack, and the incredibly simple connection of the cables-they all go through the tubes, and all you have to do is plug them in with telephone-type cables. Once connected, they’re immediately recognized by the module, no matter where they are positioned in the kit. This is a pretty cool concept since this means you can put the kit together in whatever creative way you want! 

"In playing situations, we didn’t notice any kind of “crossover” or vibrations accidentally triggering other pads."

"Let’s start with what really amazed us: the sound of the cymbals! At first it’s the attack, which is really realistic and close to an acoustic sound, and then the quality of the decay, which knocked us out. The decrescendo after a crash hit, or after a simple ride hit, that’s most often what is disappointing in electronic kits. But here it’s actually a strong point, both in the realism of the sample and in the continuity of the resonance, which seems to continue until the end without getting cut off."

"The mesh heads of each 10” head allow you to play ghost notes (with 512 levels of velocity in total) and the sensors react well to soft and hart hits. Each drummer can adjust the heads to have the tension they wish, to control the amount of rebound. Throughout the testing, the different kits were inspiring to us (nice splashes and crashes, long rides, powerful rimshots, realistic reverbs, well-compressed kicks and snares, well-sampled claps and percussion, all the toms you’d need)..."

"The kick offers a very clear and precise hit. And the hi-hat, which mounts on a real hi-hat stand, also offers excellent comfort of play and very realistic opening and closing sounds. The 10,000 samples on offer (recorded using both right and left handed samples for rolls and fills), with 200 individual voices, and the fact that the triggers activate different samples depending on how hard you hit, make for a level of dynamic control and sound quality that comes really close to the sound of acoustic drums."

"The strong points of this made-in-Italy kit are the rack (cool-looking, easy to assemble and light at only 16 kg total), the mesh heads (concealing advanced electronics), the sound module (clear, simple to use, easy to navigate and endowed with MIDI, USB and SD card ports)... but especially the quality of the samples, the nuances and dynamics in general. We feel that the goal of getting as close as possible to an acoustic kit has beein achieved, with a comfort of play that is very obvious... So, we say yes to YES!"

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