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September 27, 2012
Ritmi Accordo reviews Mark Drum YES

Italy's Ritmi Accordo has reviewed the Mark Drum YES kit, and have praised it for its innovation, versatility and portability!
Here is the review, translated from Italian:

"Innovation, versatility and portability are the three concepts on which YES is based, the first electronic drum produced by Parsek srl, an Italian company already known for a family of brands that have Mark in their name.

The set features five 10” pads with mesh heads. This kind of head keeps to a minimum the noise that the player and others would hear from the pad itself, and allows the user to feel as much as possible as they do when playing on the classic drum heads of an acoustic set.

The other pads are for the cymbals. The  hi-hat uses an traditional stand (not included). This characteristic is very interesting and functional in terms of practicality, and optimal feel and sound. In fact it’s possible to play the hi-hat both open and closed, and to play it as a foot splash.

Sound Module
The Sound Module is very simple and pratical: small, discrete, intuitive and tough. A small box with a small but clear display, big yellow buttons with well-described functions and a big knobs for scrolling between the functions.

Here can be found the biggest innovation introducted by Mark Drum. Usually sound modules feature as many inputs as there are connectable pads. The YES kit doesn’t have inputs for pads, this is replaced by a single RJ11 connector... do you know phone cable? That’s what it is!

Very lightweight: this is the first thought that comes in the mind when you take it out of its box. At the same time, one feels pleasure from knowing that it will be ready in a moment. Just tighten the screws that fix the elements in position, and the game is done. In a few minutes, really.
The rack is also an element that makes YES different from other electronic kits. The structure is tubular, with a plain top where can be found the female RJ11 jacks. Instead of sending one cable per pad to the sound module, just connect each pad to the closest outlet. It’s not necessary to connect them to a specific jack as you have to with most electronic kits; each instrument transmits its info (to speak generally) to the sound module, passing through the rack.

This is a fantastic solution for avoiding a tangle of cables, and allows you to assemble the electronic set in a very short time.

As with all innovative instruments, there is a margin for improvement. It’s clear that the innovation introduced will influence the market and future products. Once again, as Italians we can be proud of such a very innovative product created in our country."

See the full review here

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