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August 23, 2012
Drummer magazine reviews YES
Drummer magazine has reviewed the YES kit... here are some highlights!

"The really cool thing is that you can plug any of the pads into any of the sockets on the rack, as the pads themselves are configured to only trigger their respective sounds no matter where they are placed on the kit."

"Once set, the kit is incredibly sturdy, with the rack holding everything in place with very little vibration or movement."

"The first thing to do after set up is to calibrate the snare pad and hi-hat, which is a very simple process and only takes a few seconds.”

"The sounds themselves are all very good, with most of the snares, toms and kcik drums sounding natural and perfectly usable, but it’s the cymbal sounds where this kit really excels: the crash and ride sounds are some of the most realistic sounding I have ever heard, while the hi-hat offers a huge level of responsiveness coupled with superb sounds that shift and subtly change depending on the amount of pressure applied to the pedal."

"There are many excellent qualities: mesh heads, good quality drum sounds, outstanding cymbal sounds, ease of use and innovative set-up”

"Excellent effects”

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