Saturday, July 26 at the Aurum in Pescara. An unforgettable event with an incredible line-up of DV Mark, Markbass and Mark Drum artists!

Parsek srl was founded in the late 90s by Marco De Virgiliis, who began working with a bunch of trusted friends, and focused on the production of high-quality, 100% made in Italy bass amplifiers. The Markbass brand was introduced in 2001, and immediately caught the interest of many top Italian musicians and quickly became an absolute benchmark in worldwide bass amplification for many years to come.

Business expansion led in the following years to a further product diversification, which soon involved acoustic instruments amplifiers (Markacoustic), professional audio systems (Markaudio) and, in 2010, tube guitar amps with the DV Mark brand, which immediately drew the attention of the worldwide guitar community.

In 2010, Parsek undertook the production of Mark Drum, the first professional electronic drum set entirely designed and made in Italy. The first prototype of the YES model (“The Yellow Sound”) was unveiled at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011. The YES kit is now ready for production and was introduced to the world at the 2012 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim California, January 19-22, 2011.

My “electronic drum set with an acoustic heart,” YES, is now a reality!
Calling Mark Drum “electronic drums” would be selling it short, considering how close its feel comes to that of an acoustic kit. It’s also possible to use Mark Drums as part of  your acoustic drum kit, as many great drummers are doing!

I am  very proud to be on the cutting edge of design, feel, and sound—and as always with all my brands, I’m always listening carefully to the needs and suggestions of musicians!

Mark Drum is 100% Made in Italy at our factory, which allows us make innovations and improvements quickly. It would be impossible to do this if our production was in Asia, or in any location where I could not be  directly connected to all departments of the company. The only reasons to manufacture in Asia would be financial; but to enjoy my products and my life, I need to have my company under my direct control and to know every single person who works with me and for me!

 I love my team and my people for their great work, and I’m convinced that no other team can develop products like these. And we’re just getting started!
Marco De Virgiliis (General Manager)