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Damien Schmitt is a complete artist and multi-instrumentalist, with incredible technique and stunning musicality. Born into a family of musicians, Damien first learned to play the drums with his father (Daniel Schmitt). From the age of 4, he practiced as a musician directly on stage. Since his mother was a piano teacher and singer in the family band, Damien took an early interest in singing and learned to play several instruments including bass, and guitar (which quickly became his favourite).
At 16 years of age, he produced and released his first album under the name Yossoma. He sang and played all the instruments on the recordings, and the genre ranged from funk to hip-hop with metal influences and a strong jazz presence (trio, quartet and big band), in addition to jazz fusion.
After this first experience as a professional recording artist and producer, he created his own band in which he wrote the music and lyrics. This band ended up performing at the closing show of the “Printemps de Bourges” festival in France, a very important summer festival where many new talents launch their professional careers. The adventure continued and three years later Damien released a second album: Yossoma - FM Francophone Revolution.
After selling thousands of his self-produced records, Damien moved to Paris. This is where he started playing as a live drummer on tour for top French artists including Yannick Noah, Khaled, Gage, Alain Georges Jones, Emma Daumas, Zap Mama, and Les Nubians. He developed a very strong reputation in the jazz fusion scene performing with Dominique Di Piazza, Jean-Marie Ecay, and Hadrien Feraud. He even replaced Paco Sery in Sixun. Damien has also been a member of Jean-Luc Ponty’s band since 2007.
As a studio drummer, Damien is featured on many best-selling albums, for example with Jannick Top & Eric Lelann, Bireli Lagrene, Brothers Raymond and Hadrien Feraud.
Always looking to develop his personal projects, Damien moved to Los Angeles where he knew he could make the right connections that would help him move forward without barriers. This is where The Dada Show project was born: his newest, most personal project which features an incredible display of talent, musicianship and live entertainment.
In demand and always ready to travel the world, Damien was featured at the Montréal Drum Fest in October, 2009, and joined Alain Caron’s band on tour to support the bassist’s latest album "Septentrion”. On this trip, Damien fell in love with the warmth he received from the people of Quebec, and proceeded to move to Montreal to assemble the latest incarnation of The Dada Show.
Damien is currently working on The Dada Show’s highly anticipated first album, which is sure to live up to the promise of the band’s onstage debut in Montréal on May 5, 2011.
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The Montreal Drum Fest 2012 (October 20/21) will feature Horacio Hernandez, Damien Schmitt, and a chance to try the Mark Drum YES kit yourself!

On this album he shares his talent as a composer / producer / director but also his amazing drumming that combines perfectly with the musical styles of the album.