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Gianni Insalata was born in 1974 in Foggia, Italy.
 Winner of International jazz festival and competition Baronissi Jazz 1999 , Barga Jazz festival 2003  and "Emergenza Chitarre 3" (Play Game Music in collaboration with the magazine “Chitarre”). As a teacher, one of his students won the second place in the PAS (Percussive Arts Society) Italy 2010.
He collaborated with Aurelio Follieri, and affects the so-called "Bases for guitar fusion" with two special tracks played by Maurizio Colonna and Frank Gambale edited by Play Game Music.
Gianni Insalata participated in several jazz festivals, sharing the stage with names such as: Ethan Iverson, Chriss Speed, Scott Cooley, Rosario Giuliani, Franco D 'Andrea, Rocco Zifarelli, Christian Meyer, Ben Perowsky, Dario Deidda, ect .

In 2004, he toured with the band O.R.O. here receives high acclaim by the same producer Mario Manzani O.R.O. and current guitarist Marco Masini.
He has collaborated with the journalist and writer Flavio Caprera, projects, lecture-concert "Jazz Music" and "Jazz 101" official presentation of the books published by Mondadori.
In March 2011, he was interviewed by the prestigious national magazine for drummers “RITMI”.
Gianni was present as a teacher at the Campus famous musical "Vacanza in Musica" which brings together musicians such as Giovanni Imparato, Dino D'autorio, Lele Melotti, Nino Buonocore, and others.
Gianni has been working as a teacher at the DRUM SCHOOL STUDIO and also collaborates with the prestigious portal dedicated to the drums in a column devoted to jazz, with exercises about independence and coordination titled "Insalata Jazz".
Moreover, it is around with the educational project "INTERACTIVE EAR" - THINK IN TERMS OF SOUNDS - January 15, 2012 held a seminar on the teaching MUSIC ACADEMY (home Basilicata). Lately The album "Work in progress" Gianni Insalata 4tet, won The AWARDS 2012 THE GREATEST CATEGORY JAZZIT.
Today Gianni Insalata stands to attention as one of the most interesting  young Italian jazz drummers.

He has had many tours and collaborations, we will mention a few: 
Daniele Scannapieco, Teo Ciavarella, Marco Sannini,  Kile Gregory, Robert Bonisolo, Giuseppe Bassi, Michele Carrabba, Bob Mover, Rachel Gould, Tom Kirkpatrick, Nicola Fazzini, Sal Rosselli, Cristal White, Vito Di Modugno, Pierluigi Balducci, Tommaso Scannapieco, Danilo Gallo, Giampiero Burza, Giorgio Vendola, Mariella Carbonara, Rossano Emili, Francesco Angiuli, Michele Campobasso, Flavio Caprera, Guido Di Leone, Antonio Tosques, Umberto Sangiovanni, Lucio Ferrara, Antonio Ciacca, Joe Pisto, Pasquale Stafano, Mino Lacirignola, Andrea Gargiulo, Patty Lomuscio, Gianfilippo Direnzo, Sergio Bellotti, Massimo D'Ambra, Marco Pacassoni, Gianni Iorio, Alberto Iovene, Mariangela Cagnetta, Mario Mazzaro, Christian Meyer, Max Ionata and others.
1998, Michael Chiella DREAMS AND VARIATIONS altavoce-Interbeat
1999 Aurelio Follieri BASES FOR GUITAR FUSION playgame music
2000 The Clockwork EMERGENCY GUITARS 3 playgame music-guitars
2006 Fovea Jazz Project - AT LEAST YOU ... Philology - IRD
2007 Gino Di Tullio THE COLOR OF THE SUN boom records
2008 Gino Di Tullio SUPERMARKET IN LOVE boom records
2012 Gianni Insalata 4tet - WORK IN PROGRESS Dodicilune - IRD
“With Mark Drum I found a great feeling," says Gianni. "Playing it is a real pleasure, great dynamics and beautiful sounds!"  
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