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Kiko Freitas was born in Porto Alegre in August 16, 1969. At the age of four, he started playing BOMBO LEGUERO (typical instrument from the South of Brazil and Argentina) accompanying his father, the musician Telmo de Lima Freitas. His mother Beatriz Castro, as a singer, also influenced Kiko in his connection with music.
At the age of eight years, he started to study acoustic guitar and, at the same time, was always playing in boxes, furniture, and anything that would produce any sound. When he was 12, electric bass interested him, playing in a band among his family.
His cousins would play the guitar and sing, his sister Ana was playing another guitar, and the drummer was Luiz Paulo, “the german”.
When “the German” missed some rehearsals, Kiko started filling out and by intuition was playing the drums. That was when his passion for his instrument started.
He started playing as a professional in 1987, after studying with Argus Montenegro and at the “Orquestra Sinfônica de Porto Alegre” school.
Kiko was always making researches and studying different techniques and drummers. On brazilian drumming, Kiko listened e studied drummers like Milton Banana, Edison Machado, Robertinho Silva, Nenê, Carlos Bala, Pascoal Meirelles, Paulo Braga and many others.
In the 90´s, he was already one of the top drummers in Brazil, participating in many concerts, recording sessions, and workshops. He was invited to play with the great bass player Nico Assumpção to record his solo CD, and was recommended by Nico to play with many artists such as Michel Legrand, João Bosco, Frank Gambale, Jeff Richman, Ivan Lins and many others. Kiko has also played with great musicians, such as Paulo Dorfman, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Jeff Andrews, Cliff Korman, Armando Marçal, Luiz Avellar, Nelson Faria, Karolina Vucidolac, Daniel Turano, Edsel Gomez, Nivaldo Ornellas, Ricardo Silveira, Widor Santiago, Idriss Boudriua, Rafael Vernet, Frank Solari, Renato Borghetti, Jamil Joanes, Vítor Ramil, Ricardo Baumgarten, Julio “Chumbinho” Herrlein, Lula Galvão, Sérgio Galvão, Carlos Henriques, Luiz Eça, Felipe Lamoglia, Nils Landgren, Vladyslav Sendecki, James Genus, Steve Grey and many others.
In 1996, he was invited by the piano player David Goldblatt to go to Los Angeles. There, Kiko had the opportunity to meet many great musicians and studied with Dave Weckl.
In Cuba, Kiko studied afro-Cuban rhythms with the great percussion player Changuito, and also played in the jazz scene of Havana.
As an educator, Kiko has been carrying out many workshops in Brazil and abroad in many Universities and Music Schools such as:
Conservatorium Von Amsterdam, University of Rotherdam, Göterborgs Universitet, Malmo Universitet, Stockholm Royal Academy of Music, University of Örebro, Columbus University, University Of Louisville (KY – USA), Hamburg Music School, among many others.
Have played in many great jazz festivals, like: Schleswig-Holstein-Musik-Festival 2008 ,Salzau Jazz Festival, Montreaux Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Eldena Jazz Festival, Jazz Baltica, Internacionales Jazz Festival Bingen Swingt, Hamburg Jazz Open, Festival Internacional de Jazz de Granada, Ludwigshafen Enjoy Jazz, Jazz Classics Basel, Jazz Fest Sarajevo, Las Palmas Rrincón Jazz, Madrid Jazz Festival, Gijón Festival, All Blues Jazz Recitals, Istanbul Caz Jazz Festival, Kaunas Jazz Festival, Musiques Sur L’ile, Jazz Stars in Krakow, Skopje Jazz Festival, Toulouse Jazz Sur Son.
Kiko Freitas plays with João Bosco since 1999, touring all over the world.
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