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Eric Thiévon was born into a musical family, and his love of music began at an early age. But it wasn't until adolescence that his passion found its voice. He started on drums around 1978, encouraged by his brother Patrice, who lent him a kit. Self-taught, Eric learned from all the bands and artists around him, and started to assert himself as a drummer on the road in the early 80s (with Larsen, Orpheus, and the 5th Avenue).

In 1987, Eric went to study for a year at Musicians Institute in Hollywood California. He returned to France in late 1988 and busied himself with collaborations in all styles of music, live recordings, gigs, street theater, dance, and variety orchestras. In 1990, he returned to Los Angeles to further his studies at the Grove School of Music, as part of an educational partnership with Tama’s national network of schools. He bounced back and forth between France and the US for 2 years, settling in Grenoble in late 1991, where he started to get more serious about teaching (with videos and textbooks, courses, master classes).

Since then, Eric has published educational material via books, audio, video, web and trade press (Carisch Musicom, Play Music Publishing, Carredas, Alfonce, Blues Magazine) and acted as an assistant to various international drummers on their clinics/master classes (Steve Houghton, Chuck Silverman, Dave Weckl, Ron Thaler, Rick Latham, Luis Conte, Simon Phillips, Efrain Toro, Rodney Holmes, Trilok Gurtu, John Blackwell, Tim Alexander, Bill Bruford, Dirk Verbeuren). As an educator, he has collaborated with the national schools of Tama, the Studio Festival and ABCDrums Gresiblues.

Since the end of the 90s, Eric has released four albums under his own name, including the most recent one, "Travel to the Roots," which honors his top influences. He’s performed all over France, Corsica, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Tunisia, including tours with the blues group A. Project (and three CDs), Dolce Vita (and a live album) and the fusion band Story Stick" which performs compositions from his solo albums.

Eric has collaborated on stage and in the studio with many artists, including
Norbert "Nono" Krief, Greg Zlap, Jamie Wood, Peter Nathanson, Little Bob, Jack Bon, Marco Pandolfi, Pascal Mikaelian, Thierry Anquetil, Franck Tortiller, Maria Margarita Ponce Fernandez, Guy Broglé, Dominique Di Piazza, Remy Chaudagne, Paul Mindy, Sébastien Charlier, Malcolm Potter,... and many others.
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