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Ezio "Zac" Zaccagnini was born in Naples in 1962, and has been living in Rome for the last 28 years. He is a self-taught musician, and started working professionally at age 20. He’s taken part in many Italian and international tours: with Gianni Morandi from 1992 to 1998 (Italian and world tour with more than 400 shows), with Massimo Ranieri in 2001-2005 (450 shows), with De Andre’ in 1993, and also with Franco Battiato, Giorgia, Mory Kante, Cheb Khaled, Biagio Antonacci, Gianni Togni, Antonello Salis, Monsieur o’ Pale, Ron, Lucio Dalla, Gigi Proietti, Company Segundo (in the RAI show, conducted by Massimo Ranieri), Marco Armani, Mauro Di Domenico’s band, Antonella Ruggiero and others.

Zac has also played on several TV shows including: Domenica In, Unomattina, Citofonare Calone, Morandi show (to an audience of 12 million), the May 1st Live Concert at San Giovanni in Rome, "Festivalbar" (Italia 1), "Un disco per l'estate" (Canale 5), "Help!" and "Roxy Bar" by Red Ronnie (Tmc 2), and "Tarattattà" (Rai2), "Top Of The Pops.”

Since 1985, Zac has been working on stages and in studios with many artists and bands: Geoff Westley, Harold Bradley, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Amanar, Gabin Dabire', Rashmi Bhatt, Giorgia, Penny Brown, Thierry Mathiosek, Al Garrison, Tito Schipa Junior, Fabrizio De Andre', Badara' Sek, Gianna Nannini, Alex Britti, Fausto Leali, Dj Francesco, Angel Parra, Fiorello, Luca Barbarossa, Barbara Cola, Mario Lavezzi, Enrico Ruggeri and many more.

He has worked with many maestros and arrangers, including Toto Torquati, Geoff Westley, Claudio Mattone, Beppe Vessicchio, Thierry Mathiosek (Velvet Underground), Mauro Pagani, Claudio Samale (S. Cecilia), Migliacci, Mario Zanini, Euro Ferrari, Lilli Greco, and Andrea Amati.

Since 2005, he has been leading Zac in Progress, with whom he has recorded the 2008 CD "Zip a Trip Around the World.” He also currently plays in the Fabio Mariani Elektro Akustik Trio with Fabio Mariani (DV Mark artist) on guitar and Steve Mariani on bass.

Besides his activity as a performer and studio musician, Zac is active as a teacher of drums and music theory, and collaborates with many famous drummers in clinics and workshops.

“Mark Drum is the first electronic drum kit that I have played which ‘physically’ gives me the same sensation of an acoustic drum kit,” says Zac. “True sounds that allow all of us to express ourselves at the best of our possibility, without altering dynamics and touch… it’s a powerful sound!! I’m very happy for this new experience with a young, strong and enterprising company. I really like their way of working, joking, playing, but always focused on the target, with obsessive attention to details… it’s very close to my approach to our profession. I'm happy to collaborate with you—thanks Marco!”

ph: Irene Fittipaldi


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