Saturday, July 26 at the Aurum in Pescara. An unforgettable event with an incredible line-up of DV Mark, Markbass and Mark Drum artists!

Last week, Jeff Berlin and Danny Gottlieb were in Italy for some very successful clinics. At the end of the trip, they went to Milan to spend few days at "Officine Meccaniche" studio, recording samples of Danny's drums and cymbals for a signature Mark Drum preset kit!

This was an irresistible opportunity to record audio and video clips with these two fantastic musicians
—here the clips:

"I recorded two duets with Danny Gottlieb while we were in Milan for Markbass. Danny is playing Mark Drum’ new electronic drum set. I'm playing through two Jeff Berlin 15 inch cabinets. The jazz tune was a one take fun demo and the second tune shows Danny overdubbing four times on his drums. He sounds like a percussion orchestra. I overdubbed a solo and then vamped going out of the track. "
Jeff Berlin

  Jeff-Danny_Session#1 by Mark Drum
  "Fun stuff and listen to that amazing bass tone on the second track. Every single note from me, and every single beat from Danny are clear as a bell, typical of the Markbass brand. They just build great tone into everything they build."
Jeff Berlin
  Jeff-Danny_Session#2 by Mark Drum
  “I love the new Mark Drum! The sounds are fantastic and really special, and the pads very easy to play. I feel this drum set provides the opportunity to explore new sounds, new ideas, and special musical situations that call for a superior electronic drum set sound. It’s a perfect electronic drum set for me."
Danny Gottlieb
  Jeff-Danny_Session#2 - Drum track by Mark Drum
Jeff Berlin | Devil Bass

WARNING: "This is the hugest 25 seconds of bass we ever heard. Don't play this too loud!"
Jeff Berlin_DEVIL BASS by Mark Drum  
.....and the video!